Saturday, October 6, 2012

CSI #40

Damn you CSI! Just when I think I should be getting some work done, there you go releasing another gorgeous case file for me to have a go at!

 I played with mists...lots of them! I tried watering down my paper first too for the delicate, muted colour in the background :) so much fun!
 This big flowers was a real green, but with some more mist, I managed to yellow it up to fit in with the colour scheme.

 I used the number 7's on the background as thats how old Izabelle is.

 ...and heres the whole case file :)


jacque4u2c said...

This is just so gorgeous, my jaw dropped to the floor!!!

Fluffy said...

Wow you really rocked the challenge, Love love love Tx

Lynn said...

Brilliant Lou, as always.

Lynn x

Janet said...

Stunning layouts Lou
Janet x

Rachael Elliott said...

Stunning page Lou!!!

Heather Jacob said...

love this Lou ... so much beauty and creativity xoxo

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