Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Color Room Special Edition Palette...

This month over at The Color Room, there is a Specail Edition Palette running throughout the month, alongside the usual palettes that are released every week. So since I realised yesterday that it is now the end of the month already, I got to work on it last night!

Instead of a layout I thought I would try my hand at a canvas. I have had this small one sitting around for ages but have no idea where it came from!

I used tissue and gesso to form the 'opening' in the canvas. Whilst it was still wet I pushed in the stems from the leaves and flowers.

I love a really contrasting title that stands out, so it had to be black :-)

And some green ink splashes added to the messy arty feel.


Fluffy said...

Stunning!, love how you created the opening, I've not seen that technique before but it looks like a great one to try Tx

hotpotato said...

This is gorgeous Lou....make an ideal class!!

Rachael Elliott said...

This is stunning Lou!!

My simple life said...

very pretty :) Did you go on the sarahs cards retreat where we got given those maybe?

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