Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What are you up to today?

I have seen this sort of thing on a few blogs, and more recently on Tracie Hudsons, which is much shorter than others I have seen!

listening - to Hubby's phone conversation
eating - licking the curry off my fingers as I prepare dinner
drinking - err...not enough!
wearing - trackie bottoms, and hubby's sweatshirt & socks
feeling - pleased I have a certain DT application written up and waiting to send ;)
weather - cold and wet
wanting - to scrap this evening...
needing - to phone my dad
thinking - What shall I put in the oven for the kids
enjoying - hearing the washing machine whirring and smelling dinner cooking
wondering - Can we turn CBeebies off yet? :)

This is just a lovely way to summarise and record the day. So why not have a go and let everyone else know what you are up to!


Christals Creations said...

LOL. Love it. . . I have several of the same things in my mind during the day. :o)

Anna said...

What a brilliant give a way!!! I love anything to do with papercrafting.:0)

little scruffs said...

Ooophs, I was signed in as my daughter above!! Love your blog and giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed :0)

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