Saturday, October 30, 2010

seeing clearly!

I just love transparancies,but do not often use them. So when I found the box of old BG 12"X12" doilies at work, I knew exactly what I would do with some of them!

I backed this one onto clear acetate first so I had a good base to stick bits to, and to make it more sturdy. The stitching around the edge was nerve-racking...had to make sure my sewing machine didn't have one of it's tempers half way through and mess it all up! I also needed to ensure the stitching underneath would not show through!

You can't really see the Prima Crystal Swirl but it is gorgeous! Sorry about the poor photo...tis night time here but wanted to upload asap!

I love that you can just about see through it, and the acetate gives it a bit of a sparkle as you move past it! It does look so much better sitting in front of me so maybe I shall try some pics out in the garden tomorrow! :D


Scraptastic Mel x said...

This is really gorgeous. I have a few overlays and never know what to do with them, I will have to take the plunge!!

Emma said...

Sooo pretty Lou, love all the jewels

Kazy1 said...

I'm thinking it was a mistake letting you loose in the stock room...! Lovely layout again xx

Zva said...

Lou...did you get my e-mail? ;)
Kim Hughes

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