Sunday, May 9, 2010

Elle's Box

This is another one of those projects I have had in the pipeline for a while, but not had the enthusiasum to complete.
I had the box (£2.99 from QD Stores! ;) ) but I was then a bit stuck!
That was, until my Bo-Bunny Prize arrived this morning! The box was packed full of goodies, most Sophie I got to work.

I even covered parts of the inside of the box with paper, and now I am off to give it to my friend who asked for it...hope she likes!


Rachel said...

wow thats fabulous, very cute, your friend will love it x

Rachael said...

Aw this is so cute, I am sure your friend will love it!

kelly said...

So cute love it! x

laterg8r said...

love this project - so pretty :D

Sandra said...

Thats so gorgeous, your friend will just love it, I'm sure.

Queen of Paper said...

WHAT A PRETTY LITTLE BOX! you should submit this to Simple hand made :)

Anonymous said...

Its really pretty and your friend is sure to love it. :)

Vanessa x

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