Friday, April 9, 2010

Playing with the 'bicks'!

I made this page, using a sketch as inspiration from 'Pencil Lines'.

Although the sketch appared very, what I call 'Girly-Swirly', I managed to use it for a little boy page.

I was going to scrap these pics using really bright Primary colours on a white background, but when I was going through my cardstock, this colour reminded me of a carpet, so it stayed!

When stitching the frame, I used extra strong button thread, so ensure the lines stood out nice and bright. Yes, I have now forgiven my sewing machine...a little! The leather tag was found on the ground, but hey, I don't care, if it looks good, it stays!

In case it is not obvious, Oliver, being only 22 months, calls them 'bicks', and not bricks!


Anna said...

Great layout love the stitching! You're on a roll lately!

Julie said...

Cute Layout Lou, Looks like you and your machine are on speaking terms again :)

Sandra said...

Love how you've used those papers ... it's such a fabulous layout - and you're stitching ... well, you're really on a roll, aren't you LOL

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