Friday, April 16, 2010

Another win and a video...

Whoop Whoop! I am actually having quite a good run at the moment! I have just been announced as Bo Bunnys Spring Layout Challenge Winner! I am so excited!

I also decided to quickly whip up a video to show you how I make the little leaves that show up on many of my projects. I seem to get loads of people asking, but have not thought of doing a video before! These are so much cheaper than buying a pot/tub/tube of ready made ones...and really simple to make. I have no stand for my camera, so I am afraid this video is a bit dodgy, blurry and shaky in places!


Tara Orr said...

yea to you!! Congrats on the bobunny layout - love it. Love your accent ;>

Julie said...

Hi Lou,
Congratulations - very well deserved it was a fantastic layout you produced.
What a fab way to start the weekend - Take Care Hun - Ju xx

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