Monday, March 1, 2010

A little while ago, the lovely (and very talented) Wendy from Papermaze's Blog, 'Scrap, Paper, Scissors' asked me to create a few pages using some sketches, for an article on the blog. 'Of course' I said, very honoured, but also looking forward to using this reason as an excuse to go shopping at Papermaze again!
So here are the four pages I created, but to see the sketches Wendy and I used, plus Wendy's fab pages, you will have to pop on over to their blog!


Rachel said...

oooohhh these are stunning love them all :)

nerllybird said...

Lou, these are fab! it's actually past my bedtime (mondays!) but I feel inspired to at least take these photos downstairs and find some papers to scrap them with!

Jessica said...

awesomely beautiful pgs.!

Sandra said...

Sorry, you must be bored of me saying how stunning your work is ... but it really is :)

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